About Us

At Grit Media, we have a thorough knowledge of local gun based communities. As gun owners ourselves, we work hard to maintain the integrity of the industry and promote safe gun ownership across all of our communities. We value our second amendment rights and provide a safe place for gun owners to share their thoughts and values in an open forum. Our classified ad areas are the safest online to purchase and sell firearms and accessories online.

We actively try to support local gun ranges, trainers, and shops. We believe in community and gun owners supporting one another.  Our fight for our rights to own firearms in order to protect our families and homes is of great importance to us.

Our commitment to our advertisers is to actively create engagement amongst our users across all of our firearm communities where they can share new product advancement, happenings around their organization and brand their products.

Our forums have a massive reach across all of the United States, focusing on Indiana, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Florida, Maryland and the surrounding states.

We give our advertisers the best bang for their advertising dollar. If it’s the firearm community you are seeking to reach, Grit Media can help you do so.

"Kevin from Bayou Shooter is always great to work with. Helped us get started by working with our small budget...and the customers we get through him are the absolute friendliest people around!"

Joe - Owner 3 Speed Holster, Inc.