• Targeted Firearm Marketing
    Looking to connect with Firearm owners? With over 6 Million Pageviews per month on 5 Firearm Communities, look no further than Grit Media.


We have been in the online community world for well over a decade, managing over 50 plus online communities. We will make sure that we do everything possible to ensure you have a successful campaign with us.

  1. Sites receive over 6 Million pageviews per month

    Throughout the year our firearm forums and blogs receive over 6 million pageviews per month and have a very active user base.

  2. Great State/Local Coverage

    Our firearm communities are locally based covering well over 8 states. Many are in the south, including Texas where gun sales are highest.

  3. Flexibility

    We can work with almost any budget and any time constraint. We will work with you to make sure you get what you want.

  4. Firearm Industry Experience

    We have worked with both large and small gun based organizations to fulfill their ad needs. Try us out, we have the experience to help you reach thousands of firearm owners.

  5. Diversity in Reach

    Not only do we offer effective advertising on our gun forums/blogs, we also have a solid social following as well as impactful newsletters reaching over 80,000 members.